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Product Arriving October 21st

Spero CBD provides the highest quality CBD for every lifestyle while ensuring a sustainable, community-oriented approach, a highlight of which is donating CBD to those who need it most.

Whole Plant / Broad Spectrum

The whole plant is used in the extraction process giving you the benefits of a broad spectrum of cannabinoids working synergistically together making them more effective by what has been named the Entourage Effect.

Organically Produced Hemp

Hemp is a bio-accumulator which means it easily absorbs heavy metals, toxins, and pesticides from its environment. Our products come only from organically produced hemp grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. 

THC Free / Non-psychoactive

Our products contain 0.000% THC and are non-psychoactive. This means they do not cause a high and are safe for everyone including pets.


As someone who suffers from severe GERD, IBS and digestion issues, CBD has been a miracle in not only helping me relieve symptoms, but also decreasing my need for heavy narcotic prescription medications that often come with unpleasant side effects. I’ve tried many different CBD products and would highly recommend Spero above all else to anyone who uses CBD. The capsules are well made and provide a balanced dose for daily use, whereas the tincture provides immediate relief when I’m in pain or discomfort. It absorbs quickly and within seconds I feel relief from my symptoms with no bad aftertaste, no side affects or fatigue. As compared to many CBD products and brands on the market, Spero stands out in it’s quality, strength and packaging. Thank you, Spero, for offering a great and reliable product!”

Heather from Oakland, California

Why our products are superior

Chromatography Vs. Distillation

Gel Capsules w/ Turmeric Gel Capsules Pure Gel Capsules w/ Melatonin

Pure, +Melatonin, +Turmeric

Gel Capsules

Gel Capsules are not only a great way to take your daily dose of CBD, but they also offer a way to include precise doses of additional dietary supplements in a convenient and easy to take single capsule.

500mg Tincture Peppermint Flavor 500mg Tincture Pure Flavor

250mg, 500mg, 1500mg


Tincture oils are one of the most efficient delivery mechanism for taking CBD. They allow the ability to adjust the dose of CBD exactly to your specific liking and the CBD is absorbed faster than other methods by placing the drops directly under your tongue. Did we mention that our tinctures also taste great? Available in pure and peppermint flavors with additional flavors in development.

How Spero CBD is making a difference.

Our Team

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